We have crunched all the numbers and are delighted to reveal the winners in our first ever Pony Club Polocrosse Leagues!

2022 was our first year of doing the leagues and we have certainly learnt a lot doing them – not least just how many polocrosse rallies members are doing each year! It’s brilliant to see just how active you and your ponies have all been and also just how many newcomers to the sport we have had in 2022! We look forwards to seeing more of all of you in 2023, both at rallies and at our competitions!

The full results of all the leagues are available through this page:


We are going to aim to present all the prizes for the leagues at the Arena Challenge tournament on the 22nd and 23rd of April, when we hope most of the members who won will be there but if anyone isn’t there we will get your prizes sent to you so don’t worry!

Well done to you all for your efforts in 2022 and a particularly big well done to our winners who were as follows…

Best Ponies (from Minis):

1st: Banana. 2nd (equal): Daisy and Galaxy. 3rd: Snowy

Best Horses (across Seniors and Juniors):

1st (equal): Chuna and Mercy. 2nd: Zoza. 3rd (Equal): Lola, Py, Dolce and Roman

Branch League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: North Down. 2nd: Warwickshire Hunt. 3rd: North Warwickshire

Best Competition Results – 1st: North Warwickshire. 2nd: Burghley. 3rd: Essex Hunt North

Overall – 1st: North Down. 2nd: North Warwickshire. 3rd: Burghley

Area League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Area 17. 2nd: Area 7. 3rd: Area 8.

Best Competition Results – 1st: Area 7. 2nd: Area 8. 3rd: Area 2.

Overall – 1st: Area 7. 2nd: Area 17. 3rd: Area 8.

Newcomer Minis League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Annabelle Gill (East Down). 2nd: Catrina Murray (North Down). 3rd: Harris Mathers (East Antrim)

Best Competition Results – 1st: Olivia Sharp (Belvoir). Clarry Gale (Burghley). 3rd: Lola Flower (Essex Hunt North)

Overall – 1st Annabelle Gill. 2nd: Clarry Gale. 3rd: Olivia Sharp

Open Minis League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Austin Hayes (Warwickshire Hunt). 2nd: Oliver Hayes (Warwickshire Hunt). 3rd: Perdy Gale (Burghley)

Best Competition Results – 1st: Perdy Gale. 2nd: Sammy Westerling (Essex and Suffolk). 3rd: Ava Lambert (Burghley)

Overall – 1st: Perdy Gale. 2nd: Oliver Hayes. 3rd: Austin Hayes

Newcomer Juniors League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Bailey McGuile (North Down). 2nd: Max Lewis (North Down). 3rd (equal): Tilly Threlfall (Percy Hunt) and Bibi Mason (North Northumberland)

Best Competition Results – 1st Max Lewis. 2nd: Ethan Campbell (Morpeth Hunt) 3rd: Tilly Threlfall

Overall – 1st: Bailey McGuile. 2nd: Max Lewis. 3rd: Tilly Threlfall

Open Juniors League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Abbey Wallace (North Down). 2nd: Eloise Keers (North Down). 3rd (equal): Millie Dacosta Evans (Percy Hunt) and Talula Mason (North Northumberland)

Best Competition Results – 1st: Daisy Stone (Flint and Denbigh). 2nd: Keeley Rock (North Warwickshire). 3rd (equal) Isabella Stone (Flint and Denbigh) and Leia Lloyd Williams (Flint and Denbigh).

Overall – 1st: Abbey Wallace. 2nd: Eloise Keers. 3rd: Millie Dacosta Evans

Seniors League:

Best Rally Attendance – 1st: Xanthe Goodman (East Essex). 2nd: Sean McManus (North Down). 3rd (equal): Jess Clark (United Pack), Katy Dixon (North Northumberland) and Stella Stearn (Essex and Suffolk)

Best Competition Results – 1st: Jess Clark. 2nd: Harry Horton-Barr (North Warwickshire). 3rd: Amalie Mason (North Northumberland)

Overall – 1st: Jess Clark. 2nd: Harry Horton-Barr. 3rd: Alice Leeke (United Pack)

Best Newcomer: Sean McManus

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