To be a great polocrosse player you have to train really hard. And it’s not just about you, you also have to train your horse and make sure both of you are fit and have all the skills you need.

Polocrosse players need to be great riders and also have great racquet skills. They need to be able to get their horse fit and care for them both on and off the field. They need have tactical knowledge of the game and be able to work with their team mates to win. So there is lots to think about and work on!

The Pony Club is the biggest youth equestrian training organisation in the world and we specialise in training young riders on everything they need. We have lots of training resources and opportunities to help you develop. We run training sessions all around the country in our Branches and Centres to help members develop their riding and horse and pony care, and we also have a whole host of achievement badges and tests for members to pass to show what they know! To see everything the Pony Club offers go to the training pages on the main Pony Club website

For polocrosse we are looking to develop more and more training resources to help both members and coaches with their training. These include exercises that can be worked on individually and also exercises that are for groups and cover all the key areas of:

Riding skills

Training your horse

Horse and Pony Care

Racquet skills


The Pony Cub has a huge number of coaches all around the country who are able to work with our members to help them and their horses develop. So if you are struggling with anything then talk to your Branch or Centre and ask your coaches to help you!