The Pony Club Polocrosse Four Nations competition will take place on the 24th and 25th of July at Cheshire Polo Club, Tarpoley, Cheshire. It will see teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland compete for the Triple Diamond trophy for the overall winning Nation.

Each team consists of three age sections; Senior, Junior and Mini. The individual sections will also compete for the Scott Senior Trophy, The NVable Junior Trophy (15 years and under) and the AKT Minis Trophy (12 years and under).

Pony Club Polocrosse Chairman Iain Heaton said:

“A big congratulations to all the players who have been selected and commiserations to those who have missed out. Competition for places was very strong and the selectors had a hard job picking teams. We have four really strong teams, and we think it should be a brilliant competition in July, showcasing the talent of our members and their ponies.”

The forty-eight selected members come from twenty-three different Pony Club Branches and Centres, and from thirteen of The Pony Club’s nineteen areas!

The event is being kindly hosted by Celyn Polocrosse Club, alongside their annual UK Polocrosse Association tournament. Subject to COVID-19 restrictions being fully lifted spectators will be very welcome to come along and watch what should be a brilliant weekend of play.

The members selected are as follows:

Danny Woodward (North Warwickshire)Ashleigh Saunderson (North Down)Izzy Baker Cresswell (Percy Hunt)Abigail Phillips (Swansea and District)
Emma Joslin (Essex and Suffolk)Eve Thomason (Rockwood Harriers)John Ferguson (Over Dalkeith Stables)Jack Brown (Romney Marsh)
Philip Watney (United Pack)Josh Smith (Ledbury)Ross Horne (Over Dalkeith Stables)Keegan Jacobs (Dinas Powis)
Seren Myall (Ledbury)Tegan Bristow (North Warwickshire)Theo Cornforth (North Warwickshire)Will Holland  (Warwickshire Hunt)
Harry Horton Barr (North Warwickshire)Abigail Davies (Amman Valley)Georgie Wasdell (West Warwickshire)Alice Leeke (United Pack)
Katie Lowden King (North Northumberland)Alice Power (Ashford Valley) Harriet Wasdell (West Warwickshire)Charlie Evans (United Pack)
Millie Dacosta Evans (South Northumberland)Hannah Davitt (Deanswood Equestrian centre)Ilja Puccianti (Over Dalkeith Stables)Jess Clark (United Pack)
Xanthe Goodman (Essex Hunt North)Keeley Rock (North Warwickshire)Robert Ferguson (Over Dalkeith Stables)Leia Lloyd Williams (Flint and Denbigh)
Lottie Wilson Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West)Abbey Wallace (North Down)Charlotte Gee (United Pack)Alfie Anthony-Vollans (LLangeinor)
Oliver Hayes (North Warwickshire)Eloise Keers (North Down)Eloise Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk)Daisy Stone (Flint and Denbigh)
Perdy Gale (Burghley)Gracie Shearing (West Warwickshire)Isaac Flint (North Warwickshire)Kiki Flower (Essex Hunt North)
Taryn Tinker (Essex and Suffolk)Isabel Bates (West Warwickshire)Olivia Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk)Maggie Clark (United Pack)

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