The Pony Club worked with the UK Polocrosse Association and Arden Polocrosse Club to hold an Arena tournament over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of April and kick off what we all hope will be a highly successful 2021 season!

Players of all ages and abilities came from far and wide to take part in a fun filled event, on the Super Arena at Dallas Burston Polo Club in Warwickshire.

Members came from 11 of the Pony Club’s Areas and 18 different Pony Cub Branches and Centres, with a lot of players playing in mixed teams as organisers took individual entries and created evenly matched teams for the different grades of play.

Though many members have had limited opportunities to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic there was still some great displays of skill from members and their ponies on the pitch. There was some really close games over the weekend as teams battled it out in the sunshine and there were lots of smiling faces as members enjoyed the first tournament of 2021.

The Saturday saw the Minis and the Juniors play and there were lots of new Pony Club members playing in the Novice grades, as well as more experienced members in the Open grades. There was particular good results for the United Pack, who won the Novice Minis and had two members in the winning Open Juniors team. There were also lots of placings for teams and members from Essex and Suffolk, Essex Hunt North, West Warwickshire and North Warwickshire. Even on the Sunday, when the adult grades were running, the Pony Club was very well represented, with the winning team in the High goal consists of 6 Pony Club members from around the country coming together for their UKPA club side Arden.

Full Results:

Saturday 17th April Results

Novice Minis:

1st : United Pack – Grace Hockley, Maggie Clarke and Charlotte Gee.

2nd: North and West Warwickshire – Ruby Shearing (West Warwickshire), Austin Hayes (North Warwickshire) and Archie Wasdell (West Warwickshire)

3rd: Area 8 Penguins – Sam Potter (Essex and Suffolk), Emily/ Chloe Pellen (Essex Hunt North) and Ollie Rowbotham (Essex Hunt North)

4th:  Area 8 Dalmatians – Jess Wood (Essex Hunt North), Sammy Westerling (Essex and Suffolk) and Lola/ Maggie Flower (Essex Hunt North)

Open Minis:

1st : Area 8 – Kiki Flower (Essex Hunt North), Olivia Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk)  and Eloise Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk).

2nd : West Warwickshire – Gracie Shearing, Isabel Bates and Will Garner.

3rd: Warwickshire Dragons – Oliver Hayes (North Warwickshire), Isaac Flint (North Warwickshire) and Alfie Anthony-Vollans (LLangeinor)

4th: Burghley – Perdy Gale, Anabel Harmer and Lily Scott-Woods

Novice Juniors:

1st: Ardent – Taryn Tinker (Essex and Suffolk), Lottie Wilson Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West) and Rosie Webb (Romney Marsh)

2nd: Limement – Rose Brabyn, Jayda Williams (North Warwickshire) and Daisy Stone (Flint and Denbigh)

3rd: Area 2 – Tilly Threlfall (Percy Hunt), Amalie Mason (North Northumberland) and Talula Mason (North Northumberland)

Open Juniors:

1st : Celyn – Alice Leeke (United Pack), Jess Clark (United Pack) and Ajay Howitt (Romney Marsh)

2nd: North Warwickshire – Harry Horton Barr, Keeley Rock and Danny Woodward

3rd: West Warwickshire and Deanswood – Harriet Wasdell (West Warwickshire), Georgie Wasdell (West Warwickshire) and Hannah Davitt (Deanswood EC)

Sunday 18th April Results

Low Goal

1st: Kent All Blues – Matthew Stearn, Neil Hinkinson and Pete Fielden

2nd: Charden – Kathy Hopkins, Tanis Loutsiou and Stella Stearn

Lower Medium Goal:

1st: Warwickshire Bulls – Mia Gorrod, Tony Guimaraes and Alex Scott

2nd: Arden – Rowan Saunders, Jack Page (Essex Farmers) and Seona McCredie (Essex and Suffolk)

3rd: Limemere – Katinka Frassoni, Tim Bachelor and Gracie Hawkins

Upper Medium Goal

1st: Arden – Xanthe Goodman (Essex Hunt North), Iain Heaton and Alyson Bater

2nd: Kent – Jake Wilson, Amanda Wasdell and Eve Thomason (Rockwood Harriers)

3rd: Celyn – Keegan Jacobs (Dinas Powys), Katie Davies (Flint and Denigh) and Abi Phillips (Swansea and District)

High Goal

1st: Arden – Amy Harper, Katie Loutsiou (North Warwickshire Danny Woodward (North Warwickshire), Boy Wilson Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West), Stuart Dyson (Rockwood Harriers) and Tegan Bristow (North Warwickshire)

2nd: Warwickwold – Pip Rowland, Joe Hopkins, Kerry Bean, Sean Hardy, Josh Smith (Ledbury Hunt) and Jack Smith (Ledbury Hunt)

3rd: Kentden – Izzy Baker Cresswell (Percy Hunt), Charlotte Winder, Alex Brown (Romney Marsh), Lauren Wilson, Alex Brown and Beth Scott

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