The Coronation Cup took place on the 10th and 11th of June at Dallas Burston Polo Club in Warwickshire. It was a joint event with the UK Polocrosse Association and saw lots of members taking place in their first tournament, particularly in the Novice Minis where there were seven sections of players battling it out.

There was a great mix of full Branch teams, Area teams and mixed teams at all levels. In the Minis and Juniors it was nearly all Pony Club teams but in the senior grades there were a mixture of Pony Club teams and UKPA teams. As well as overall prizes there were additional prizes awarded for the Best Pony Club sections in each grade and also for the best Pony Club Horse and Rider Combination, which was awarded to a combination that was judged to be demonstrating strong horse and rider skills and to be a great combination to watch play.

Full Results:

Novice Minis:

1st) Warwickshire Hunt – Millie Taylor, Iona Greenwood and Darcie Lord-Richards

2nd) North Warwickshire – Josh Holliwell, Elise Flint and Harry Young

3rd) North Warwickshire & Essex – Abi Braine (North Warwickshire), May Chance (North Warwickshire) and Alice Theckston (Essex Hunt North)

4th) Area 7 – Oscar Castaldini (Warwickshire Hunt), Charlie Castaldini (Warwickshire Hunt) and Abigail Boswell (South Shropshire)

5th) Area 6 – Izzy McMillan (Belvoir Hunt), Summer Robertson (Scunthorpe and District) and Oliver Winter (Burton Hunt)

6th) Area 8 – Katarina Westerling (Essex and Suffolk), Cooper Rich and Zac Dale

7th) South Shropshire – Jim Leeke, Harriet Williamson & Amber Morris

Best Player – May Chance

Best Horse – Smurf (Millie Taylor)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Iona Greenwood and Polo

Open Minis:

1st) Belvoir Hunt – Lily McKenzie, Olivia Sharp and Morvah Luke

2nd) South Shropshire – Maggie Clark, Lily Leeke and Grace Hockly

3rd) Warwickshire Hunt – Oliver Hayes, Austin Hayes and Archie Wasdell

4th) Allsorts – Fraser Lowden King (North Northumberland), Lola Flower (Essex Hunt North) and Isla Oliver-Byrne (North Warwickshire)

Best player – Morvah Luke

Best Horse – Foxy (Isla Oliver-Byrne)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Austin Hayes and Webster

Intermediate Juniors:

1st) Hawks – Alfie Vollans (Llangienor), Ruby Shearing and Violet Bates (West Warwickshire)

2nd) Ospreys – Ava Lambert (Burghley), Zara Stafford (Burghley) and Masha Humpheries (Amman Valley)

3rd) North Warwickshire – Archie Peckham, Monty Peckham and Hannah King

4th) Area 2 – Bibi Mason (North Northumberland), Tegan Lorey (North Northumberland) and Talula Mason (North Northumberland)

Best Player – Ruby Shearing

Best Horse – Diosa (Hannah King)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Talula Mason and Georgie

Open Juniors:

1st) Dragons – Daisy Stone (Flint and Denbigh), Charlotte Gee (South Shropshire) and Daniel George

2nd) Essex and Suffolk – Taryn Tinker, Olivia Kirkham and Eloise Kirkham

3rd) Area 8 – Ollie Rowbotham (Essex and Suffolk), Kiki Flower (Essex Hunt North) and Maggie Flower (Essex Hunt North)

4th) Area 2 – Tilly Threlfall (Percy Hunt), Ethan Campbell (Morpeth) and Anya Tate (Morpeth Hunt)

5th) Area 7 – Oliver Hayes (Warwickshire Hunt), Isaac Flint (North Warwickshire) and Lottie Wilson Fitzgerald (Warwickshire Hunt)

6th) North Down – Eloise Keers, Abbey Wallace and Max Lewis

Best Player – Daisy Stone

Best Horse – Little V (Daisy Stone)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Kiki Flower and Mowgli

D Grade:

1st) Area 2 – Millie Dacosta Evvans (South Northumberland), Ama Mason (North Northumberland) and Sarah White (Percy Hunt)

2nd) Arden – Gracie Shearing, Tanis Loutsiou and Stella Stearn (Suffolk Hunt)

3rd) Warwick Saxons – Matt Stearn, Robin Winder and Kathy Hopkins

4th) Kentlyn – Rachel Tranter, Lindsey Swain and Michael Rowbotham

5th) Kent – Andy Garrow, Doug Kirkham and Neil Hinkinson

6th) Limemere -Jack Bailey, Shanna Rawbone and Polina Kudrivakyo

Best Player – Lindsay Swain

Best Horse – Dyno (Kathy Hopkins)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Millie Da Costa Evans and Shady

Best Pony Club Section – Area 2

C Grade:

1st) Kent – Amanda Wasdell, Penny Webb and Rosie Webb (Romney Marsh)

2nd) Area 8 – Jack Page (Essex Farmers), Hannah Davitt (Deanswood Equestrian Centre) and Xanthe Goodman (Essex Hunt North)

3rd) Eagles – Jess Clark (South Shropshire), Alice Leeke (South Shropshire) and Katie Davies (Flint and Denbigh)

4th) Limemere – Tim James, Gill James and Tim Bachelor

5th) Cotswold – Emma Williams, Heather Kelly and Jo Paynter

6th) Area 7 – Keeley Rock (North Warwickshire), Harry Horton Barr (North Warwickshire) and Chloe Stevens (Warwickshire Hunt)

Best Player – Jess Clark

Best Horse – Lola (Rosie Webb)

Best Horse and Rider Combination – Jess Clark and Roman

Best Pony Club Section – Area 8

B Grade:

1st) Bulls – Wayne Henning, Ash Harwood and Hilton Bellis

2nd) Cotswold Lions – Dan Kelly, Malkia Beadle (Llangienor) and Zoe Williams

3rd) Cotswold Tigers – Alex Vickers, Simon Paynter and Hayden Williams

4th) Arden Cheetahs – Kate Tranter, Alyson Bater and Alasdair Broadbent

5th) Arden Lions – Seona McCredie (Essex and Suffolk), Millie Wilson Fitzgerald and Izzy Baker Cresswell (Percy Hunt)

Best Player – Alex Vickers

Best Horse – Promise (Alex Vickers)

A Grade:

1st) Warwick – Simon Shearing, Ed Flower, Kerry Bean, Conor Sparrow, Charlotte Winder and Joe Hopkins

2nd) Titans – James Oliver Byrne, Guy Robertson, James Rae, Max Pedley, Theo Cornforth and Danny Woodward

Best Player – Guy Robertson

Bets Horse – Red (Simon Shearing)

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