England emerged victorious in the overall Oswald Sporting Four Nations competition after a weekend of incredibly close matches which saw the three individual titles for Seniors, Juniors and Minis go to three separate nations.

England’s Junior team were again victorious in the Nvable Junior Competition and helped power the team to an overall win but Ireland won the Scott Senior Trophy with some brilliant performances over the weekend, including a stunning comeback in the final chukka of their match against Wales which saw them come from 7-3 down to win 11-7.

Danny Woodward picks up the ball for England

Wales again lifted the Kimber Tarbuck Mini trophy but Scotland pushed them very close with both teams winning two matches and the overall result being decided on goal difference.

Izzy Baker Cresswell, the Scottish Captain, was awarded the Mark Simkin Memorial Trophy, which is awarded for a member who demonstrates skill, horsemanship and sportsmanship.

Izzy Baker Cresswell with the Mark Simkin Memorial Trophy

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend of play and the members taking part learnt a huge amount from their hard working coaches and managers, who worked with the teams over the months before the competition and also in a three day training camp in the week before. All the coaches and managers were volunteers, with England being coached and managed by Stuart Dyson and Katie Loutsiou, who are both still members of the Pony Club themselves and played in the three previous Four Nations competition. It was fantastic to see them and other older Pony Club members throughout the teams now helping to develop and train younger members.

The event was kindly hosted by Celyn Polocrosse Club at the grounds of Cheshire Polo Club and it was a brilliant venue for the competition. Teams benefited from sponsorship from a number of companies, with the polo shirt company Oswald Sporting sponsoring the overall competition and then Intanational Tractor Parts, Lilies Funerals, Smufit Kappa and Nvable sponsoring England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland respectively.   

Gracie Shearing and Banana playing for the Irish Minis

The overall competition saw England top the podium after they won all their matches overall, despite suffering some defeats in sections throughout the weekend. Wales were in second place, with Ireland third and Scotland fourth. 

Wales’ Mini team overcame Scotland and Ireland on the opening day but then lost narrowly to England on day two. With Scotland also on two wins it went to goal difference, with Wales winning. England finished third with Ireland fourth, again based on goal difference.

Daisy Stone goes on the attack for Wales in the Minis

England’s Junior team won all their matches to lift the Nvable Junior cup but they were made to work hard for it, with Scotland and Wales both pushing them close in their matches. Second, third and fourth again had to be decided on goal difference as all three teams had one win which meant Wales finished second, Scotland third and Ireland fourth.

Harriet Wasdell of Scotland and Jess Clark of Wales compete in the Juniors

The Scott Senior Trophy went to Ireland after they won all three of their matches. Wales finished second with two victories, England finished third and Scotland fourth.

Ireland’s winning Senior team

The full results from the weekend were as follows:

The Triple Diamond Trophy for the overall winning nation:

1st) England

2nd) Wales

3rd) Ireland

4th) Scotland

The Kimber Tarbuck Mini Trophy:

1st) Wales

2nd) Scotland

3rd) England

4th) Ireland

The Nvable Junior Trophy:

1st) England

2nd) Wales

3rd) Scotland

4th) Ireland

The Scott Senior Trophy:    

1st) Ireland

2nd) Wales

3rd) England

4th) Scotland 

The Mark Simkin Memorial Trophy – Izzy Baker Creswell (Scotland, Percy Hunt Branch)

Game results:

England vs Ireland

Overall: 22 – 20

Minis: 5 – 6

Juniors: 11 – 3

Seniors: 6 – 11

Wales vs Scotland

Overall: 32 – 20

Minis: 11 – 5

Juniors: 5 – 9

Seniors: 16 – 6

England vs Scotland

Overall: 21 – 17

Minis: 3 – 6

Juniors: 9 – 6

Seniors: 9 – 5

Wales vs Ireland

Overall: 30 – 23

Minis: 9 – 8

Juniors: 14 – 4

Seniors: 7 – 11

Ireland vs Scotland

Overall: 25-17

Minis: 6 – 9

Juniors:  6 – 5

Seniors: 13 – 3

England vs Wales

Overall: 24-22

Minis: 9 – 5

Juniors: 10 – 7

Seniors: 5 -10

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