The Pony Club Polocrosse League is designed to recognise the success and dedication of our members over the whole year, not just at single tournaments. Members and their ponies get awarded points based on both their appearances at tournaments and also at training events. 2022 is the first year we have run the leagues and we will do our best to keep them up to date throughout the year and make them accurate but if you notice anything wrong then get in touch. If we are missing rally attendance points it is possible the details of the rally have not been submitted by the Area Polocrosse Coordinator or the relevant Branch / Centre so it might be worth checking with them if they have submitted the details we need.

To see and download the latest leagues please use the link below:

2022 Leagues

Or you can see the individual leagues for each age category, the Best Pony League and the Branch/ Centre and Area Leagues by going to the relevant page below

The Best Horse and Pony Leagues

The Minis Leagues

The Juniors Leagues

The Seniors Leagues

The Branch/ Centre and Area Leagues

The Points System is as follows:

Attendance at an Pony Club Polocrosse training event/ rally – 3 points

Regular training is really important in polocrosse, so we wanted to recognise that and encourage it by including it in the league.

To be a qualifying event the training event has to be organised by a Pony Club Branch, Centre or Area and approved in line with the normal process for Pony Club training events (i.e. approved by the relevant District Commissioner, Centre Proprietor or Area Representative).

Pony Club Polocrosse Area Coordinators and officials from Branches and Centres should inform us of their training events and let us have a list of attendees, their age category and the date and venue of the event, so we can make sure all these points are added to the league. These should be sent to and

Points available at Pony Club Polocrosse Competitions:

Points will be awarded as follows at Pony club Polocrosse Competitions

For each game won each team member receives 1 point. For a drawn game each team member receives 0.5 points.

For each Best number nomination given by an umpire at the end of a match a player receives 1 point.

For special prizes (such as Best boy, Best girl or Best sportsmanship) a player receives 2 points.

For the final placings in the grade each player in a team will be awarded points as follows:

1st5 points
2nd4.5 points
3rd4 points
4th3.5 points
5th3 points
6th2.5 points
7th2 points
8th1.5 points

So if a player wins all their games, wins the grade, receives all the best number nominations for their playing position and picks up a special prize they could potentially win around 15 to 20 points at a single competition!

Best Pony League points

For each Best Pony nomination a pony receives from an umpire at the end of the game a pony receives 2 points which go towards the separate Best Pony League!

We hope in future years that we might be able to add more to the league, such as points for achieving polocrosse related Pony Club achievement badges but as this is the first year we decided to try and keep it simple! Best of luck to all our members for 2022 and we hope to see all of you training and competing at lots of events!