The Seniors Leagues is for members 25 years and under (which is as old as you are allowed to be and still be in Pony Club). The league is split into Open and Newcomers, with the Newcomers league being for players who only started playing competitively since 2021.

Open Seniors – Players 25 years and under, playing competitively before 2021

Member NameTotal PointsPlacing pointsGame Result pointsSpecial Prize pointsBest Number PointsRally attendance Points
Jess Clark331322412
Alice Leeke271320012
Harry Horton Barr23105233
Amalie Mason18.59.53060
Seona McCredie18.58.52233
Hannah Davitt16.58.52033
Izzy Baker Cresswell1253040
Abi Davies1051040
Ajay Howitt9.58.51000
Katy Dixon9.58.51000
Nina Lowdon-King9.57.52000
Philip Watney8.54.51003
Maisie Slight7.53.50040
Stella Stearn752000
Ashleigh Saunderson752000
Ella Heron752000
Tegan Bristow752000
Xanthe Goodman600006
Jack Page440000
Harriet Wasdell300003