Scotland will be looking to claim their first ever Four Nations title in 2021. They have gone so close in previous competitions in all levels but have never quite come out on top of the podium, something they will be determined to change this year! As well as some fantastic polocrosse the Scottish team normally brings an extra dimension to the Four Nations competition, be it bagpipes or simply the loudest supporters. Expect to hear a lot of noise as they look to claim their first win.

Scotland are sponsored by NVable, who have supported the Four Nations and Team Scotland since 2015, offer innovative solutions in software services and consultancy.

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The Management Team

Manager: Pam Drew

Coach: Chris Milburn

The Minis

Isaac Flint, North Warwickshire

Eloise Kirkham, Essex and Suffolk

Olivia Kirkham, Essex and Suffolk

Charlotte Gee, United Pack

The Juniors

Georgie Wasdell, West Warwickshire

Robert Ferguson, Over Dalkeith Stables

Ilja Puccianti, Over Dalkeith Stables

Harriet Wasdell, Warwickshire Hunt

The Seniors

Theo Cornforth, North Warwickshire

Izzy Baker Cresswell, Percy Hunt

John Ferguson, Over Dalkeith Stables

Ross Horne, Over Dalkeith Stables