The Pony Club is made up on lots of different Branches and Centres, who all have their own teams and run their own training events. There are about 300 Branches and over 400 Centres in the UK currently!

The UK is also divided up into 19 Pony Club areas, each one containing a number of Branches and Centres. We do also have combined Area teams, normally when a Branch or Centre can’t field their own teams.

So we also run our polocrosse leagues by Branch/ Centre and Area, based on the total individual scores of the players from those Branches/ Centres and Areas.

Branch / Centre League – based on total points achieved by the players from the Branch/ Centre

Branch / CentreTotal PointsJuniors PointsMinis PointsSeniors Points
North Warwickshire138.55963.516
Belvoir Hunt95 95 
Warwickshire Hunt95 95 
Essex Hunt North764333 
Essex and Suffolk6428.52114.5
United Pack41 347
North Down3434  
Percy Hunt3422 12
North Northumberland33.514.5 19
West Warwickshire26323 
Flint and Denbigh24.524.5  
East Essex241212 
Pytchley21 21 
Romney Marsh1914 5
Ashford Valley1616  
Deanswood EC15.53 12.5
Morpeth Hunt1313  
South Northumberland88  
Worcestershire Hunt7.5  7.5

Area League – based on total points achieved by the players from the Area

AreaTotal PointsJuniors PointsMinis PointsSeniors Points
Two88.557.5 31
Eleven3530 5